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Prospective Clients

You are reading this because you are probably searching for a financial advisor.  

You have come to the right place.  The first distinction we need to make in the world of financial services is that most people assume that a financial advisor and an investment adviser are one and the same.

A financial advisor advises the client on more than one area of the client's assets or interests.  A financial advisor may advise the client on issues that affect the client's overall financial and family situation, whether they may be investment, insurance and/or banking related. An investment adviser is primarily concerned with managing a sum of money given to him/her to manage.

One advisor is not better or worse than the other but different.  There is no one right answer for everyone.  An investment adviser is focused on returns.  A financial advisor not only focuses on returns but on the overall financial picture of the client.  You could also say that an investment adviser is more focused on the accumulation of assets whereas the financial advisor needs to be focused both on the accumulation of assets and the disposition of assets.

You may achieve a competitive rate of return on your assets but if you do not have a plan for liquidating assets, you may end up with a much lower actual total return.  What matters most is how many dollars you end up keeping and being able to spend after factoring in market ups, downs and taxes.


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So if you believe you need a financial advisor or if you believe you would like to consult with a personal financial advisor, here are the important facts you should consider when choosing our firm:

  • We are completely independent.  We have no affiliation with any investment, insurance or banking firm.
  • We are fee-based.  We provide full disclosure up-front.  The fee is the same no matter what we invest in or how often we trade.
  • We use an independent custodian to hold all client assets to ensure the utmost in safety.
  • We act in a fiduciary capacity which means we must act in your best interests.
  • We are long-term focused.  Our goal is to work with our clients over the long-haul and know our clients very well.
  • We aren't concerned about the day-to-day market changes.  We focus on what is best for each client based on their risk tolerance and goals.


The most important reason for choosing a financial advisor is to provide you and your family or business with objective, unbiased advice.  We are completely independent.  We have no affiliation with any investment, insurance or banking company.  We are free to recommend the investments, products and services we believe are truly in the best interests of our clients. This doesn't mean that we provide every product or service ourselves; sometimes we recommend outside firms and advisers for very specialized needs that require focused advice and support.  We may not have every answer to every client situation but we know where to get the answers.  We act as your financial quarterback so that you have one point of contact to ensure your entire financial plan is running smoothly and stays on track.

Most people associate a financial advisor with advice on investments or the financial markets.  It is just as important to plan how and when money is spent and from where it is drawn as it is important to earn a competitive rate of return on the money with suitable investments.  What would be the point of earning an outstanding rate of return on your investments, paying taxes on the returns but then withdrawing the money in years when the market is down?  You would be liquidating stocks when the share prices are lower which would mean you would need to sell more shares at a lower price.  Shouldn't you be selling fewer shares at a higher price?  Proper planning takes all this into consideration.


Questions? Speak to a Financial Advisor? 

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We offer comprehensive planning services including the following:


If you have any questions that are not answered in this section, please feel free to email us directly or call us directly at 203-614-9575.  We're here to answer any questions that you may have to make informed decisions. If we are not able to answer your call, please leave a detailed voicemail and we will get back to you very quickly...most often in minutes but certainly no longer than a few hours!


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